( Today is my Birthday and I felt like saying something and I did. I’m nursing a hangover drinking Stella beer eating fine chocolates and I got a new X-box One set up in the living room with AC blasting so I am quite content! As apposed to the rest of the world which ain’t doing to good half of the time. ) 

Believe Me

I could show you some of my deepest thoughts and you still wouldn’t know me in real life. I can say the same of all of you. You wouldn’t know if I am a good bowler samaritan or if I am a nefarious character of ill repute! Other than assurances, what more can give we give to believe what we see and hear from anyone. I guess you could go on that gut instinct of writing everything you feel and believing everything you read. I would like to believe else does the same. 

 I’ll just continue to post whatever I feel like saying or expressing. Whether it be a picture of a cloud or a cool poem I found so be it. Whether it be the favorite song of the moment I want to share, drop an anon, ask a good question find a source help someone so be it. Whatever makes our place a better place I’m all for it. So enjoy yourselves have and be safe. My name is Tommy today is my birthday and I endorse this post.